Etsgroup, the company of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who operates in the accommodation sector with the Maxx Royal and Voyage Hotels brands, is expanding its operations to manage facilities beyond its own properties with the new brand, The Norm Hotels.

In a statement made by Türkiye based Etsgroup regarding the matter, it was mentioned that "Etsgroup, the champion of service export in the tourism and accommodation sector since 2017, has pioneered many innovations in chain hotel management in Türkiye with its investments in hospitality services. Etsgroup, which has gained worldwide recognition in the accommodation sector with its implemented brands, has so far operated only its own properties with the Maxx Royal Resorts and Voyage Hotels brands. The company is now continuing to set standards in the industry with its third hotel brand, The Norm Hotels, in a new business model."

The statement also noted that Etsgroup, with its new subsidiary Norm Group Hotel Management, has started to provide hotel management services to facilities not owned by the group. It stated, "The company, with its extensive experience in the hotel industry and operational model, will offer its guests under the 100% owned brand The Norm, bringing holidaymakers together with Etsgroup's service quality. It also continues to pursue new collaborations for the facilities it will undertake to manage, focusing on the summer of 2024."

Editor: Savaş Daş