Highlighting that Egypt successfully manages itself as a destination, Erkan Yıldırım, CEO of Rixos Egypt Hotels, said, "For example, they effectively introduce the underwater riches to tourists. They recently abolished visas and expedited entry into the country. They started offering a lot of incentives for incoming flights. This also increased the appetite of tour operators. A destination with a 12-month season does not compress the tourism season into 6 months, like us. All of this has positioned Egypt as a destination among world countries."

Yıldırım emphasized that Türkiye is better than Egypt in terms of promotion and said, "As an outsider from abroad, I can easily say that Türkiye is much better and systematic in this regard than Egypt. I believe that if we facilitate travel and eliminate processes like visas and passports, we can host many more tourists than the current situation. As good brands enter a destination, its promotion and attractiveness improve. Türkiye has started to incorporate very good brands, and I believe this will contribute positively to tourism and yield results."

Who is Erkan Yıldırım?

Erkan Yıldırım is the CEO of Rixos Egypt Hotels, a prominent hotel management company. He is involved in the management and operation of hotels in Egypt, particularly under the Rixos brand. Rixos is a well-known luxury hotel brand with properties in various countries. As CEO, Erkan Yıldırım plays a key role in overseeing the operations and business activities of Rixos hotels in Egypt.