ELITEWORLD GO Van will provide service with its 32 rooms, 70-person restaurant, and meeting hall in Edremit district of Van, famous for its beaches and shores, which hosts domestic and foreign tourists every year. With its easily accessible location to the airport and city center, ELITEWORLD GO Van will offer a significant advantage to those traveling to the district, and it also holds the distinction of being the first hotel of the ELITEWORLD GO brand.

Franchise and management model opportunities for investors

Emel Elik Bezaroğlu, the Board Member Responsible for Sales and Marketing at Elite World Hotels & Resorts, commented on the newly signed hotel agreements with investors Ali Süer and Gülistan Süer, "In line with our strategy of sharing our nearly 50 years of hospitality experience with investors, we offer franchise and management model opportunities with our brands. While spreading the strength and quality of the Elite World brand to our hotels that meet various accommodation needs in 7 regions of our country, we also aim to contribute to the development of tourism in our country."

Emel Elik Bezaroğlu, who recently announced that they will open their first franchise hotels in Samsun, stated, "According to our new strategy, our second hotel to be managed through the franchise model will serve in Van with our ELITEWORLD GO brand. Van is very special for us because it is the city where the Elite World brand was born. Years ago, our family opened Van's first hotel. In 2012, we also brought the city its first 5-star hotel. Now, with our newest brand, ELITEWORLD GO, we are bringing another innovation to Van's tourism."

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32 new hotels with franchise model and employment for 3,000 people by 2030

Orkun Petekçi, COO of Elite World Hotels & Resorts, who said they successfully continued their path with their new growth strategies launched in December, stated, "With ELITEWORLD GO Van, which we plan to open in the last quarter of this year, we will add a total of 4 new hotels to our chain by the end of the year, 2 of which are already signed and 2 are in the signing phase. With the franchise management model, we plan to open 32 more hotels by 2030 and anticipate creating employment for 3,000 people through these hotels. We empower entrepreneurs to become tourism investors with a trusted and industry-expert brand, while playing an active role in enhancing the quality of accommodation in every region of our country."