Efforts to boost tourism traffic between Egypt and Türkiye have accelerated. A promotional event for Egyptian destinations and a B2B meeting were held at the headquarters of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). Notable attendees included Amr Elhamamy, the Egyptian Ambassador to Ankara; Davut Günaydın, Vice President of TÜRSAB; Amr El Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority; Dalia Tewig, Egyptian Tourism Authority Türkiye Central Unit Coordinator; representatives from Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, and EgyptAir; along with numerous travel agency representatives and tour operators from both countries.

During the opening speeches, Davut Günaydın and Ambassador Elhamamy addressed the audience, followed by a special presentation from Amr El Kady. Ambassador Elhamamy highlighted the efforts to facilitate visa procedures for tourists.

Joint efforts and combined packages

CEO Amr El Kady emphasized the long-standing and close relationship between Türkiye and Egypt across various sectors including industry, trade, and investment, with tourism being a prime area for collaboration. "We discussed with our colleagues in the travel industry about designing combined packages for international travelers from countries like China, Japan, Korea, and the United States, who will visit not just Türkiye or Egypt, but both. These programs will benefit both countries," he stated.

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Developing a new strategy

El Kady also shed light on the factors contributing to Egypt's growing popularity among tourists from Türkiye and worldwide. "Egypt was one of the first destinations to reopen three months after the pandemic, thanks to our health measures, earning us a strong international reputation. We have worked on a new strategy based on strong relationships with tour operators, airlines, hotel chains, and tourism authorities in various countries to promote hygiene and security against the COVID virus in Egyptian destinations. We have implemented sustainable practices, introduced new standards for service quality in Egyptian hotels which have improved over the last three years, leading to a solid reputation. Our efforts include effective promotion, advertising campaigns, and marketing strategies. We've built business relationships with our stakeholders. The stability and security in Egypt, along with its beautiful weather, beaches, and unique historical significance, have all played a part in enhancing Egypt's overall reputation," explained El Kady.

Editor: Mehmet Güneli