ANEX Tour Russia's General Manager, Eldar Musaoğlu, shared insights on early booking sales in Russia, stating, "With the right pricing policy, we can achieve our goals in Russia."

According to a report by Haluk Özsevim for Tourism Today, Eldar Musaoğlu reflected on the year 2023, emphasizing the importance of analyzing past experiences to improve future outcomes. "2023 is behind us, but we must analyze what we have experienced to maximize efficiency in the coming years. Yes, early bookings for 2024 are progressing well in Russia. This success is attributable to timely and accurate interventions, including the prompt actions and correct pricing policies of our incoming agencies and hotel partners," he said.

"Türkiye faces alternatives like Dubai, Egypt, and Thailand"

Reminding that they planned flights from 25 cities in Russia to Antalya, Dalaman, and Bodrum for 2024, Musaoğlu noted, "We are at a different percentage point compared to previous years. We are trying to grow as much as possible. However, when we look at the growth rates, our flight programs, with the right plans and prices, can reach much better positions. It’s important to remember that Türkiye faces competition from alternatives like Dubai, Egypt, and Thailand."

"Pricing policies have become highly variable"

Musaoğlu continued, expressing concerns over the diminishing significance of early booking: "Early booking sales are crucial for us to foresee and plan for the next 8-9 months. This depends on adhering to the right pricing policy from the start. We are beginning to lose the meaning and concept of early booking. Pricing policies have shown too much variability. We need to return to the essence and logic of early booking. We must demonstrate to our customers the price difference between booking a holiday in January and June. The more early bookings we secure, the better it is for both us and the hoteliers. Timely and accurate pricing eases the burden on hoteliers, airlines, and tour operators. By collectively reviving the concept of early booking in the market, we can achieve great success. In summary, early booking sales for 2024 are faring better than in 2023, but we still need to proceed with caution and vigilance."