Engaged in the hospitality, gourmet products, and food and beverage sectors, the Divan Group continues its efforts for guest satisfaction and successful pioneering work with all of its employees. The Divan Group celebrated International Housekeeping Week, observed globally during the second week of September, in all of its 11 hotels in Türkiye and abroad. The group came together with all managers and housekeeping staff in events held at their hotels throughout the week.

As part of International Housekeeping Week, celebrations in Divan hotels were marked by various activities and awards for the achievements of the housekeeping department employees.

From Divan Istanbul Hotel to hotels across Türkiye and abroad, hotel managers and department heads joined in the celebrations from the first day to the last. In Divan Erbil, events such as a folding laundry competition, team-building games, and facility excellence challenges were organized.

Divan Mersin hosted events including Turkish coffee and chocolate presentations, certificate presentations for training, massage services, cake cutting, and dance activities. In Divan Antep, the week-long celebrations continued with a thanksgiving reception during lunch, visits and flower presentations in work areas, a cinema screening of the chosen surveyor's film, cake cutting at the end of the shift party, special presentations, and surprises.


In Divan Çorlu, the celebrations began with a morning breakfast and continued with various treats and meal arrangements during breaks. In Divan Bursa, tea time and various treats, lunch, and surprise gifts kept the celebrations going throughout the week. In Divan Ankara, surprise celebrations included flower distribution to staff on floors, an award ceremony following 4 different competitions under the title of housekeeping olympics, a lunch event, a success certificate presentation ceremony, and a photo shoot.

In Divan Elmadağ, celebrations throughout the week included breakfast and lunch arrangements, a tea time gathering, a room preparation competition with the participation of department managers, a picnic event, cake cutting, and surprise gifts. In Divan Istanbul City, the celebrations included breakfast organization, massages, competitions, and an award ceremony.

At Divan Çukurhan, the celebrations started with office decoration and photography, followed by the distribution of flowers and Turkish delight, shampoo arranging, towel folding, and bed sheet rope pulling competitions, lunch, and a success certificate presentation ceremony. In Divan Adana, the activities began with coffee, ice cream, and chocolate treats and concluded with cake cutting, massages, breakfast, and surprise gifts like shopping vouchers.