Ömer Faruk Dengiz stated, "When we look at the proportion of foreign guests coming to Bodrum, there is an 11% increase compared to last year according to the data from the last 6 months. More than 325,000 foreign passengers arrived by air. Over 46,000 foreign tourists came by sea. Compared to the same period last year, a 30% increase was observed."

On the other hand, Dengiz noted that the increase seen in the domestic market during the Eid al-Adha is currently at an almost non-existent level. "In this context, there is a 20% contraction in the domestic market. As a result of our meetings with relevant agencies, the revenue target was met, but there was a decrease in last-minute reservations. There is a 90% occupancy rate in 5-star hotels and between 60-70% in 3 and 4-star facilities," he said.

"We are not cheap!"

Addressing the criticisms on social media about high prices, Dengiz said, “A distinction should be made between ‘worth it’ and ‘not worth it’. For the last 10 years, Türkiye has been the cheapest destination in the world. When our prices went up a bit, we started being compared to other countries. However, we were providing the best service and offering the most affordable vacation advantages.

Bodrum and Türkiye are actually worth it. Among the best 100 hotels in the world, there are hotels in Türkiye. We are not the cheapest hotel, and we are not the cheapest country in the world. We compete with other countries and provide services; we operate hotels. Türkiye is among the top three countries in terms of service.

There are beaches affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism and the municipality. You can vacation at a good price. Due to the high season, prices start from 1500 lira per person for bed and breakfast and can go up to 10,000 euros. There is suitability for all segments."

Dengiz also noted that the European Championship indirectly affected tourism mobility and that a certain segment postponed their vacation plans. He highlighted other factors such as two countries going to early elections, the upcoming Olympics, and the bankruptcy of an agency in Germany. Dengiz said, “There is a global contraction. The perception that there is a contraction only in Türkiye is wrong.”

Mauritius introduced to travel agencies in Istanbul! Mauritius introduced to travel agencies in Istanbul!

Bodrum and Kos are not the same

Dengiz pointed out that they were negatively affected by the door visa application on the Greek islands. “The perception that Bodrum is expensive is constantly being kept in the foreground. We consider comparisons with the Greek islands natural, but this needs to be examined well.

Bodrum should not be compared to Kos. Bodrum should be considered equivalent to Mykonos and Rhodes,” said Dengiz. “The prices on the islands vary. This leads to confusion. Otherwise, everyone can go and travel wherever they want,” he added.

Editor: Haber Merkezi