At a press conference held at Dedeman İstanbul, Banu Dedeman, a partner of Dedeman Holding, announced the completion of a crucial part of the new era strategy, which involves a change in management, stating that Ergün Demiray, a seasoned figure in the industry, has become the Chairman of the Board of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International. Banu Dedeman mentioned that she and her brother Rıfat Dedeman would now serve as members of the board of directors, adding, “Under the management of Ergün Demiray, the Dedeman brand will continue to serve. My son, Murat Özmestçi, will act as the Vice Chairman of the Board. I am confident that these two individuals will achieve great successes.”

Accor and Marriott have opened new hotels in Istanbul Accor and Marriott have opened new hotels in Istanbul

Taking over the role of Chairman of the Board from Banu Dedeman, Ergün Demiray stated that the Dedeman brand is among the most important brands in Türkiye and that with the projects initiated in 2024, they will achieve exemplary results in growth and transformation. Demiray mentioned, “Currently, we serve with a total of 9 main brands, 29 hotels that are open and 24 projects that are signed, making up a total of 53 hotels, with approximately 1700 employees. By the end of 2025, we aim to increase the number of hotels that are open and in the signing phase to 100, and the number of countries we serve to 10. Our end-of-year goal is to host 2.5 million guests with the addition of new hotels to our brand.”

Editor: Haber Merkezi