Accor and Marriott have opened new hotels in Istanbul Accor and Marriott have opened new hotels in Istanbul

According to Tuncay Sevin's report for Tourism Today, Muzaffer Aygün revealed plans for the expansion of their new brand, Cullinan Hotels, with the opening of their second establishment in Bodrum and intentions to grow the brand with new properties abroad.

Aygün expressed the group's commitment to investing in the Cullinan Hotels brand, stating, “We have secured a location in Bodrum. With this acquisition, we aim to expand in Bodrum. We also want to enhance our brand's presence in Dubai and internationally. Cullinan is named after a diamond mined in Africa. We intend to polish this diamond and elevate it to greater heights. Our goal is to make it a prominent brand that represents Turkish tourism to the world.”

This announcement underscores Cullinan Hotels ambition to establish itself as a prominent player in the global hospitality sector. With its strategic location choices and commitment to quality, Cullinan Hotels aims to elevate the Turkish tourism industry to new heights on the world stage.

Editor: Haber Merkezi