Netherland-based Türkiye specialist tour operator Corendon Travel is expanding Alanya operations. While Corendon Travel previously transported European tourists to Alanya only during the high season, they will continue their operations from the Netherlands to Alanya for the entire year starting from February 17, 2024.

Top managers of Corendon Travel, including chairman of board Atilay Uslu, met with Alanya Governor, Alanya Mayor and leading civil society organizations to share details of the extensive operation planned for Alanya

As of February, Corendon Travel will organize 2 flights per week from Amsterdam to Alanya. The frequency will gradually increase, with 4 flights per week in March and 14 flights per week in April. From mid-April onwards, daily flights will be available from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark and total frequency of weekly flights will reached to 24.

Apart from Amsterdam, Corendon will also operate flights to Alanya from Maastricht, Eindhoven, Brussels, and Groningen. With the expanded program, nearly 150,000 additional capacities will be offered for Alanya as a destination in 2024.

"We will offer holiday opportunities in Alanya for 12 months."

Atılay Uslu, Chairman of Corendon Travel, stated: "Since the establishment of Corendon Tourism Group, Alanya has been one of our most important destinations. It is a highly popular holiday destination for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries. Its diverse product offerings cater to different audiences, appealing to families, young people, and people of all ages with various holiday concepts, making Alanya one of the most attractive places. We believe that this potential of Alanya can be utilized more efficiently. Due to its favorable climate, we have decided to continue our operations in Alanya during the winter season, as we believe it is a suitable alternative for those who want to experience the sun during the winter. After the summer season, starting in February from Amsterdam, we will continue our uninterrupted operations, expanding this destination by adding capacities from different cities and countries throughout the year. In this way, we will offer European vacationers the opportunity to holiday in Alanya for 12 months."

Corendon will also introduce Danish tourists to Alanya

Atılay Uslu announced that they will not rule out the popularity of Alanya among Danish tourists and will increase their flights to Alanya through their own tour operators in Denmark. As of May 11, 2024, they will operate 2 flights per week from Copenhagen and Billund, and 1 flight per week from Aalborg. It also plans to increase number flights by weighing marketing activities.

Editor: Savaş Daş