Osman Ayık, well-known hotelier in Türkiye, noted that the number of visitors coming to country is not too bad, but due to several reasons, this doesn't directly observed in hotel occupancies. "Türkiye has been facing a significant migration frenzy for the past few years. I estimate that there are 200-250 thousands foreigners, who rent or bought homes in Antalya, keep their connection with their homeland and travel 8-10 times in a year.” he said.

According to Ayık, this occur 2-2,5 million visitor, who neither tourist, nor stay in the hotels and it represent 17-18 per-cent of total visitor of Antalya. “This inevitably has a significant impact on hotel occupancy rates." Osman Ayık said.

When is comes to the daily rental houses, that hoteliers strongly want to be forbidden, Ayık has a different point of view;

"When we talk about the all-inclusive system or mass tourism, one of the changing trends is this; People don't want to be closed in the hotels where they go for holiday. They want to keep certain costs under control and spend more money on other things. So, all Airbnb-style options are alternatives. In fact, the product should be transformed to cater to everyone's expectations. Therefore, the business will gradually move towards personalized products. If we can't respond to this, individuals will go elsewhere. Banning daily rental houses is not the solution. They need to be regulated. The key point here is discipline."