Highlighting that the main issues in the sector are costs and exchange rate pressure, Burhan Sili said:

İnegöl’s first branded hotel: Elite World GO Bursa İnegöl İnegöl’s first branded hotel: Elite World GO Bursa İnegöl

"When we look at it today, we broke a record in airport figures last year. This year, we have observed movement with a higher performance since January. However, as tourism operators, our main problem is costs and exchange rate pressure. Because the exchange rate does not increase in proportion to the increase in costs, unfortunately, we see that we are not having a very productive season. We hope that we can endure this process given the current economic conditions. Next year, this process will not continue this way, and everything will return to its normal course.

On the other hand, there are complaints that our guests are not spending in the city. Since we are operating on an all-inclusive system, there may be issues, especially in businesses such as restaurants, entertainment venues, or bars, but generally, one of the issues raised is that prices are very high. We must also note the complaints from people who go out and eat or receive services; because prices are very high, they do not want to go out again. Additionally, we see that the profile of our guests does not have very high budgets and they are hesitant to spend outside. The reason for this is not only due to us but also because of the economic difficulties worldwide. As a result, people are not giving up their vacations, but they are paying attention to extra spending outside. Therefore, we need to overcome this process by offering the right pricing and the right service to build trust. I believe that with the improvement of the Turkish economy in the coming years, this will be achieved much more easily."

Editor: Haber Merkezi