With an investment exceeding 150 million euros in Didim, Anda Barut Collection has revitalized the region economically and socially, transforming it into one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

A luxurious experience intertwined with nature all year round

With 52 years of solid experience in the hospitality industry, Barut Hotels, established the Anda Barut Collection, on a 150-acre area in the Didim-Delice Peninsula, offers a total of 558 rooms and villas, accommodating 1,188 beds, and employs 850 staff. The hotel aims to provide guests with an unforgettable holiday and wellness experience throughout the year, contrary to traditional vacation concepts, focusing on nature and wellness activities.

Leading the tourism sector

Cem Karacan, the General Manager of Anda Barut Collection, expressed pride in their role as one of the brands reshaping tourism in the Aegean. He stated, "As Barut Hotels, we take pride in being one of the brands that have changed the perception of tourism in the Aegean. Barut Hotels, which changed the tourism landscape in the Mediterranean 52 years ago by opening its first hotel. Now we have brought our experience of over half a century to the Aegean, becoming a symbol of prestige for the region.Our visitor profile varies by country; our primary markets include the UK, Russia, Germany, with Poland , domestic market, and Switzerland as an emerging market. Tourists from Romania traveling by road without using airlines will also become significant players in the market."

Contributing to regional development and employment

Karacan noted that they currently employ 850 staff, a number expected to exceed 1,000 during the high season, and mentioned the construction of a luxury hostel with 300 rooms for employees. He highlighted that most employees are locals, thus encouraging reverse migration and contributing to the social and economic development of Didim. Karacan stated, "We encourage young people to find employment in the tourism sector instead of migrating to big cities, fostering their staying and contributing to the economy of the region. As a result of this approach, we observe that the young population inclined to leave the region has become more willing to stay. Additionally, through collaborations with universities and tourism schools, we support regional development economically and socially."

Levni Premium to operate under Accor Handwritten Collection Levni Premium to operate under Accor Handwritten Collection

Didim, the new Bodrum

Cem Karacan mentioned a 20-25% average increase in property value in the region in 2024 due to the investment made by Anda Barut Collection. He stated, "This increase in value is applicable to all hotels in the area. The planned openings of facilities have also initiated significant investments to improve and provide better services with the energy and strength derived from Anda Barut Collection." Karacan added, "While this competition benefits the development and progress of Didim, it also positions Didim as a serious competitor to Bodrum in the upper segment group as of 2026. Didim is now the New Bodrum."

Editor: Haber Merkezi