Barut Hotels, one of the most established and pioneering tourism brands in the Mediterranean Region, defines Anda Barut Collection as the new address of luxury. The resort will open in May 2024 on the Delice Peninsula in Didim, surpassing an investment of over 150 million Euros. The Anda Barut Collection, which is set to become one of the most significant hubs in tourism, will feature 547 rooms and 14 Bayou Villas, totaling 561 rooms and accommodating 1136 guests.

Anda Barut Collection: A new milestone in Türkiye tourism

Cem Karacan, the General Manager of Anda Barut Collection, stated, "Barut Hotels, one of the brands that changed the understanding of tourism in the Mediterranean by opening its first hotel 52 years ago, is now carrying its half-century-old expertise to the Aegean region. This investment, which will become a symbol of prestige in the region, will mark a new milestone in Turkish tourism. We are creating a new location in Türkiye where names in the billionaire league can vacation and draw the luxury tourism potential of the world to Türkiye. Alongside these projects that will carry us into the coming years, we place significant importance on sustainability for future generations. We possess the first International Renewable Energy Certified hotels in the Mediterranean Region in Türkiye. All our hotels will continue to use green energy."

Contribution to regional development and employment

Cem Karacan mentioned that the investment in Didim has generated considerable excitement among the local population. He stated, "Our staff recruitment and training processes are ongoing. We will provide employment opportunities from within the region. Simultaneously, we are establishing an organic food ecosystem." He further added, "In addition to the hotel, a luxury dormitory with 300 rooms will be constructed to accommodate 800 staff members. This will further increase employment opportunities in the region."

Positioned within 200 acres of natural beauty, Anda Barut Collection will not only offer guests a vast and spacious area to breathe but also provide easy access due to its proximity to Izmir and Bodrum airports. Thanks to the climate of the Didim Delice Peninsula, which allows tourism throughout the year, the hotel will offer guests an experience where they can create unforgettable memories all year round.

A space for everyone

Anda Barut Collection will be divided into three main sections to ensure guests' comfort and provide them with complete experiences. Whether visiting for business, a family vacation, or a luxurious romantic getaway, Anda will leave you with restful moments and lifelong cherished memories.

Exclusive relaxation for adults

At Anda Barut Collection, a specially designed area awaits adults. Spacious rooms, gourmet restaurants, enchanting experiences, and more privileges in health, sports, and luxury areas will be available. Peace and romantic moments will be abundant in serene areas that meet with the enchanting nature of the Aegean, offering private pools and elegant accommodation options.

A destination for family travel

Anda Barut Collection reimagined the holiday experience for families with children, considering every detail. Within the hotel, there will be an entertainment park with the region's largest water park and fairground area, as well as specially designed educational activities and safe play areas for children. These areas provide an environment where children can effectively spend their energy while learning and having fun. These sections, providing all the facilities for families to relax and spend quality time, will elevate the holiday experience for our young guests.

Healthy eating and gastronomic exploration

Anda doesn't just offer a luxury accommodation experience but also encourages guests to embark on their gastronomic journeys. With a variety of menus prepared with carefully selected organic products, it aims to bring the purest flavors of nature to guests' tables. Redefining the art of healthy eating with a combination of modern culinary techniques and local ingredients, it ensures a culinary experience for guests.

Editor: Mehmet Güneli