During the June assembly meeting of ITO, Avdagiç discussed the current state of the tourism sector. He expressed optimism for a robust tourism season this year, noting that if the trends observed in the first months of 2024 continue, the set targets will be easily achieved.

Record-breaking first quarter tourism revenues

Avdagiç highlighted that tourism revenues in the first quarter increased by 5.4% compared to the same period last year, reaching $8.8 billion, which is the highest first-quarter figure of all time. He emphasized that tourism revenues will significantly contribute to reducing Türkiye's current account deficit.

Global leadership in tourism by 2033

Referring to the report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, Avdagiç noted that Türkiye is expected to become a global leader in tourism with $135 billion in revenue by 2033. He also pointed out that Türkiye has risen to 5th place in the ranking of countries hosting the most tourists.

Another sector loses its competitive edge after tourism Another sector loses its competitive edge after tourism

"This situation may put pressure on tourism revenues"

Avdagiç mentioned that due to rising costs, Türkiye is slowly becoming a more expensive country compared to its competitors. Tour operators are directing tourists to countries like Greece, Spain, and Egypt, which offer cheaper alternatives to Turkish tours. "This situation may put pressure on tourism revenues," he said, providing data that Türkiye's average income per visitor dropped from $1,020 last year to $975 this year.

Avdagiç stressed that Türkiye does not deserve to be considered a cheap holiday destination. "Being an expensive destination should be based on added value and real income growth, not on cost-driven prices," he stated.

New strategies in conference tourism

Avdagiç mentioned that they are significantly contributing to Türkiye's tourism goals in collaboration with the Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau (ICVB) and other stakeholders. He explained that the Istanbul Tourism Index project aims to examine the behaviors, preferences, and spending areas of foreign visitors to Istanbul across various subcategories such as business, health, and entertainment.

He also announced the Intellectual Capital Research Project, which will identify the 70 most important intellectual capital leaders with the potential to bring large-scale international meetings to Istanbul. Avdagiç believes that by identifying these 70 decision-makers and leveraging their multiplier effect, Istanbul will host more international conferences each year.

Editor: Haber Merkezi