Aiming to breathe new life into the tourism sector, Atlas International has completed its establishment and commenced operations. Serving primarily B2C travel agencies and other industry professionals as a tour operator, Atlas International also aims to be a leading brand in the DMC sector. Additionally, the company plans to expand its domain through global partnerships, thereby contributing added value to national tourism.

Meaning from mythology, strength from experience...

Atlas International's Founding Partner and General Manager, Şahin Ülgen, stated that although they are a new brand in the industry, they are embarking on this journey with significant experience and enthusiasm. "We will conduct operations from various points around the world and establish regional service networks. By assembling a knowledgeable, experienced, and strong team, we have completed all our preparations. Especially in outgoing and incoming tourism, we will be the market's most assertive solution partner. We have already started offering our partners special package tours, with or without flights, in many destinations. Atlas International will always provide services with the right product at the right price approach. Just as Atlas in mythology carries the world on his shoulders, Atlas International will provide quality services to its stakeholders with seriousness, discipline, and great strength," said Ülgen.

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Şahin Ülgen emphasized their commitment to providing an equitable and fair business environment for all travel agencies and highlighted the importance of trust and transparency, adding: "I believe that our brand will meet the industry's expectations. While shaping our service policies, we benefit from the ideas of tourism doyen Ali Onaran and our respected elder Hakan Öksel. With this in mind, I have no doubt that Atlas International will make significant contributions to the tourism economy, particularly in terms of employment. May the path of Atlas be clear."

Atlas International

About Atlas International:

Founded in April 2024, Atlas International Turizm A.Ş operates as a B2B tour operator in Türkiye and globally, providing B2C agencies with bus and flight package products. Atlas International also offers services such as local assistance, bus transportation, guides, and hotel accommodations across various global locations. With its Atlas DMC brand, the company carries out destination development activities, focusing on outgoing and incoming tourism while aiming to lead unique projects in the travel industry.

Editor: Haber Merkezi