According to information provided by Tourism Databank, as of August 2023, the number of hotels certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Türkiye reached 20,168, and the number of hotel beds reached 1,781,377. When hotels in the investment stage are included, the total number of beds reached 1,947,717.

In this month, the number of active hotels in Antalya reached 2,492, with nearly 612,000 hotel beds. The total number of hotels in Istanbul reached 2,835, with the number of hotel beds approaching 239,000. In Muğla, with over 216,000 beds, there are 2,618 facilities, and in İzmir, with more than 80,000 beds, there are 1,680 facilities. In Aydın, with over 55,000 beds, there are 462 hotels. Balıkesir, Ankara, Mersin, Nevşehir, and Çanakkale follow these cities.

 75,000 hotels on all seven continents

Leading international hotel chains have more than 75,000 hotels on all seven continents, with over 8.65 million hotel rooms.

Marriott International ranks first with 1.56 million rooms. Jin Jiang International is second with 1.26 million rooms, and Hilton is third with 1.15 million rooms.

When analyzing hotels by the number of properties, Jin Jiang leads with 12,359, followed by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts with 9,100, H World Group Limited with 8,592, IHG with 6,227, and Accor with 5,847.

Marriott has 8,082 hotels, Hilton has 7,200, Choice Hotels has 7,487, BTG Homeinn has 5,983, and Best Western Hotels has 3,923 hotels.