Speaking at the 13th Resort Congress held under the theme of sustainability this year, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek highlighted the following:

"Tourism is one of our most competitive sectors. After the pandemic, Antalya demonstrated a remarkable team effort and became one of the destinations with the fastest recovery worldwide. Our country and our city are breaking records by the end of 2023. Antalya has already exceeded 15 million visitors and will reach 16 million by the end of the year.

Our city accounts for 45% of the country's overnight stay rate. Additionally, Antalya hosts visitors at a level ten times its population. It is among the cities that receive the most migration. Almost two people have a vehicle in Antalya.

We are making significant contributions to transportation with the 3rd stage rail system. We expect support from our esteemed minister for the completion of ring roads and the realization of highways. We are completing infrastructure works in Serik and Kemer in collaboration with our ministry.

Our Minister created resources for the sector by establishing TGA. With these resources, we should contribute together to sustainability. Antalya should benefit more from these resources to serve tourism. Although we have a share of 2.6 million people, we serve 28 million people annually."

Editor: Mehmet Güneli