At a meeting evaluating export data for the first half of the year, TİM President Mustafa Gültepe announced the exporter's expectations for the dollar exchange rate. Gültepe stated, "The USD/TRY exchange rate should currently be 37 TL."

Mr. Mustafa Gültepe highlighted that Türkiye, particularly in labor-intensive sectors, has lost its competitiveness in exports. He stated, "In the past year, production costs have increased by over 100%, while the rise in the dollar exchange rate has remained at 25%. Therefore, we cannot meet price targets in many sectors."

Bodrum tourism leaders displeased with high price reputation Bodrum tourism leaders displeased with high price reputation

Gültepe explained that during this period of shrinking demand, exports are caught in a vice of high costs and a low exchange rate. "Reaching our forecasted target of $267 billion for 2024 seems difficult. This year, we expect exports to remain between $264-267 billion. In the last quarter, we hope to achieve double-digit growth in exports with monetary policies that prioritize our competitiveness, combined with the psychology of lowering inflation," he said.

Gültepe emphasized the following points in his speech:

Removing Obstacles for Exporters: It is crucial to remove obstacles for exporters as soon as possible. Exporting is the most effective way to combat inflation without cooling the economy.
Strengthening Competitiveness: We expect the removal of barriers that weaken our competitiveness, slow us down, and take us out of the game.
Aligning Exchange Rates with Inflation: The exchange rate should move in parallel with inflation, with the gap between inflation and the exchange rate not exceeding 5 points.
Reducing Tax Burden on Raw Materials and Intermediate Goods:
The tax burden on raw materials and intermediate goods that are not produced domestically or do not meet domestic demand should be reduced.
High Financing Costs: Access to finance has normalized in the last 1-2 months in terms of quantity, but financing costs are still very high.
Decreased Profit Margins:
Profit margins have decreased, and some sectors are making sales at a loss to retain customers, leading to reduced working capital for companies. There has been a significant increase in the number of firms declaring bankruptcy.

Editor: Haber Merkezi