Tour operators reschedule their flights after EU's ban Tour operators reschedule their flights after EU's ban

Having declared the 2023-24 winter season successful for them, ANEX Tour aims for growth in the upcoming 2024 summer season, primarily focusing on Turkey and other leading international destinations. The company, which has its own incoming agencies in prominent destinations like Thailand, the UAE, Egypt, and Sri Lanka, and operates charter and scheduled flights with block seats to these destinations, asserts that it offers diverse and balanced tourism products.

According to a report in ATOR's bulletin, ANEX aims to surpass the figures of 2023 in 2024. To achieve this, the company is increasing both the number of hotels it has directly contracted in leading destinations and its flight program and geographical coverage.

Eldar Musaoğlu, CEO of Anex Russia, stated that they are making their plans with a sense of "realistic optimism." Musaoğlu said, "Yes, there are many factors affecting tourism beyond our control. However, the overall atmosphere in the tourism sector is positive. We see the positive attitude of hotel partners and tourism authorities around the world towards attracting Russian tourists. Our travel agencies continue to work effectively with a good spirit. The clearest evidence of this is Anex Workshop Turkey 2024, which brings together 60 Turkish hoteliers and over 1000 travel agencies from across Russia."

According to the information provided, ANEX Tour will bring tourists from 25 cities in Russia to Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum this year. These cities are as follows:

Moscow (Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman)
St. Petersburg (Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman)
Kazan (Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman)
Samara (Antalya, Dalaman)
Ufa (Antalya, Dalaman)
Novosibirsk (Antalya, Bodrum)
Arkhangelsk (Antalya)
Barnaul (Antalya)
Volgograd (Antalya)
Yekaterinburg (Antalya)
Irkutsk (Antalya)
Kaliningrad (Antalya)
Krasnoyarsk (Antalya)
Nizhny Novgorod (Antalya)
Omsk (Antalya)
Orenburg (Antalya)
Perm (Antalya)
Mineralnye Vody (Antalya)
Tyumen (Antalya)
Chelyabinsk (Antalya)
Nizhnekamsk (Antalya)
Sochi (Antalya)
Surgut (Antalya)
Syktyvkar (Antalya)
Tomsk (Antalya)

Editor: Haber Merkezi