ANEX Group founded a local company in London-Leatherhead in 2022 but the company was able to started business this season, German business and tourism magazine FVW reports.

ANEX Tour Germany and Eastern Europe Manager Murat Kızılsaç said that there will be separate management for UK business.

Neckermann Travel UK currently offers trips to Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey as well as Dubai and Abu Dhabi from 15 British airports. "The trips are mostly produced dynamically" Kızılsaç said.

In the coming year, the Anex Group also wants to sell tours on the Scandinavian market, Kizilsac announces. This will be done under the Neckermann and Anex brands. In the Nordic countries, the former Cook subsidiary Ving, which was taken over by investors from Norway after the insolvency, TUI and the DER-Touristik subsidiary Apollo are the largest tour operators.

With its Anex brand, the Anex Tourism Group is one of the largest tour operators in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. ATG boss Neşet Kockar acquired the former Thomas Cook subsidiary Intourist after the collapse of the Thomas Cook Group, in which he held shares, in addition to the naming rights to Neckermann. The traditional Russian company organize tours within Russia and to foreign destinations such as Turkey and Egypt.

The traditional tour operator Neckermann Reisen is becoming active in other European countries after its new start in Germany. Tours are already being sold in the UK. The brand has also survived the Cook bankruptcy in other markets.

Editor: Savaş Daş