Operating in Germany under the ANEX Tour, Öger Tours, Bucher Reisen, and Neckermann Reisen brands, the ANEX Group made remarks on the situation of reservations ahead of the upcoming ITB Berlin Fair. Yasir Karaçor, the General Manager of ANEX Germany, announced a 20% increase in reservations compared to the previous year.

Karaçor noted that Didim in the Aegean Region, recently added to Öger Tours' program, has started to attract demand in the country. He cited the forthcoming opening of Anda Barut Collection in Didim this year as an example.

Highlighting the high demand for the Selectum Hotels owned by the ANEX Group, Karaçor also mentioned that unique and partly smaller hotels like Puro Hotel located in Palma de Mallorca have received good reservations.

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Regarding long-haul destinations, the ANEX Germany Manager indicated the popularity of the United States, mentioning that Neckermann Reisen has added 30 hotels in Miami to its program. Karaçor added that other popular long-haul destinations include Thailand and the Maldives.

Editor: Haber Merkezi