The tourism sector continues to grow globally due to its contribution to employment and foreign currency inflow. With the diversification of products and services in the tourism sector, investments in tourism are also increasing.

We plan to open 50 hotels in Türkiye in 5 years

Accor, one of the hospitality groups with over 5,500 hotels in more than 110 countries and with over 40 brands worldwide, plans to open approximately 100 hotels in Türkiye and Saudi Arabia within the next 5 years.

Jean-Baptiste Recher, Vice President of Business Development for Luxury Brands in the Middle East, Africa, and Türkiye at Accor, stated that they plan to open 50 hotels in Türkiye and 50 hotels in Saudi Arabia. He mentioned that they are currently operating with 68 hotels in Türkiye and said that they initially planned 14 hotels in Türkiye by the end of 2014.

Jean-Baptiste Recher, pointing out that the tourism sector is not a new market in Türkiye but emphasizing that it is a new market, especially in Saudi Arabia, continued his words as follows: "Türkiye and Saudi Arabia are very different locations. We are making very good and fast investments in Türkiye. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is newly developing, but Türkiye has been an existing country for centuries.

Tourism is not new to this country, but tourism is a very new sector in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the incentives of countries and governments always revive and encourage investors, but these are different scenarios." Stating that Türkiye is in competition with other destinations, Recher said, "We believe that our luxury and lifestyle brands in our portfolio will place Türkiye in a more effective position on the map in this competition. Because Türkiye is a very large market both in terms of business and vacation.

It is also an important and serious growth potential market for the Accor Group. We continue our investment strategies in Türkiye because we see this potential," he said. Recher said that for the Accor Group, Saudi Arabia, Egypt in the African market, Morocco in Fas, and Türkiye are among the important destinations.

Editor: Mehmet Güneli