According to Steve Heapy, Jet2, the second-largest airline in the UK, increased its seat capacity to various destinations in Türkiye, including Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, and Dalaman, for the year 2023 and further increased it for 2024. He emphasized the airline's commitment to working with hotels in Türkiye, stating that they currently collaborate with 500 hotels in the country and aim to increase this number.

Heapy praised Türkiye's growth in the global tourism industry over the past five years, highlighting the country's historical heritage, hospitality, and its role as a bridge between the East and West. He commended the Turkish government's strategic focus on infrastructure development and diversification of tourism. He noted investments in hotels in Türkiye to enhance comfort, hygiene, and food standards, emphasizing the country's excellent growth in this regard.

The CEO also acknowledged significant investments in airport facilities, particularly in Istanbul and Antalya airports, which have attracted many European visitors. He compared this favorably with some European countries where airport capacities are not as good, and there is a lack of accommodation for airline personnel.

Heapy expressed admiration for Türkiye's commitment to sustainability, noting that consumers are increasingly interested in destinations with a minimal carbon footprint. He discussed Jet2's efforts to invest in aircraft with lower carbon emissions. He highlighted the positive impact of Turkish hotels investing in solar panels and how this could be an essential marketing advantage.

The CEO touched upon the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the travel industry, emphasizing how Jet2 utilizes AI to understand customer demographics and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly. He highlighted the use of AI to identify trends in customer complaints and improve overall efficiency within the company.

Heapy also spoke about the importance of cost in the UK market and praised Türkiye for offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices. He emphasized the versatility of Türkiye as a holiday destination.

In conclusion, Heapy stressed the transformative role of AI in enhancing customer experiences and optimizing business operations. He encouraged the adoption of AI across various aspects of the company, from personnel management to marketing strategies.