Is Türkiye's Bodrum an expensive destination? Is Türkiye's Bodrum an expensive destination?

At the 2nd TÜRSAB Tourism Congress held at the Antalya Royal Seginus Hotel, İş Bankası Deputy General Manager Sezgin Yılmaz provided insights into the bank's initiatives for the tourism sector. Yılmaz touched upon the events affecting tourism in Türkiye, especially during the pandemic period. He mentioned that the tourism sector managed to stand firm with less damage thanks to the rapid action and resilience of stakeholders within the tourism ecosystem, emphasizing that the sector is one of the most significant contributors to the Turkish economy.

"We have allocated $1 billion for the credit needs of the tourism sector"

Explaining İş Bankası's activities aimed at the tourism sector, Yılmaz stated, "From the end of 2023 onwards, we have allocated $1 billion for the tourism sector, through which I believe we can offer credit opportunities with flexible terms that the sector needs. Besides, we are working on establishing a Tourism Banking division. We are forming a team that speaks the language of tourism professionals, shares their vision, and can make projections for the future of tourism. Initially, we will establish the Antalya Tourism Specialized Branch. We plan to set up a tourism specialized branch structure that operates beyond the conventional banking approach."

Yılmaz also mentioned their plans to open tourism specialized branches in İstanbul, İzmir, and Muğla in the future and added that İş Bankası would continue to support museum and archaeological works to diversify tourism.

Editor: Haber Merkezi